For Instructors

One-on-One Consulting

The NMSU Writing Center can help your students become more effective writers primarily through free one-on-one consulting.  Our Center is staffed by graduate assistants who teach undergraduate writing courses through the English Department, but the Writing Center is a service for undergraduate and graduate students of any discipline.

We can work with your students on writing at any stage, from understanding assignment directions to brainstorming to revising final drafts. We are not an editing service but are here to help your students learn more about writing and to write more effectively. Rather than fixing spelling and grammar on your students’ papers, we help them identify and correct their own mistakes. Our policy is to not discuss grades or make evaluative comments about assignments or instructors’ teaching methods. Please encourage your students to come in and see us.


Online Writing Center

Also, please encourage your students to utilize the services of our Online Writing Center. The consultants running the Online Center are also experienced English department graduate students and instructors. Writers who submit their work to the Online Writing Center can typically expect an email response to their work in 3 to 4 days. Please encourage your students to make an appointment at our online center.


We have created a Writing Center Orientation PowerPoint that you can show your students. The PowerPoint covers all the important information about the Writing Center, including our hours and location, services, and more. After viewing the PowerPoint, we encourage you to show your students the Center’s physical location. However, please be respectful of in-progress consultations. We find that students who have been to the Writing Center at least once are significantly more likely to return when they need assistance.   


Extra Credit

Often instructors encourage their students to visit us by giving extra credit for a visit. As proof of a visit, have your students ask for a Proof Slip from their consultant.

We do not encourage making Writing Center visits mandatory. Required visits can be frustrating for the student and consultant because the student often is not motivated by their own desire to improve their writing. Because we are focused on students learning about writing, we do not dictate changes to students or correct their papers. Instead, we are invested in teaching students to become more effective writers by helping them acquire the skills and confidence to make changes themselves.